SATUCC Holds Its 10th Delegates Congress in Dar-es-salaam


On the 27th of October 2017, SATUCC held a successful 10th Delegates’ Congress in Dar-es-salaam (Tanzania) under the theme: Defending and Promoting Democracy, Human and Trade Union Rights and Decent Work for all in SADC Region. 

The 10th Delegates’ Congress made several decisions including the amendments to the condition for membership and obligations. The 10th Delegates’ Congress also adopted policies on Corruption, Procurement and Ethical Guidelines.

At the end, the delegates adopted the Congress resolutions to inform and guide SATUCC’s programmes of action till the next congress in 2022.

Among other the topics discussed, the Congress  debated to great length, the marginalisation of women and youth in the SADC Region and their exclusion in decision making structures within trade unions, including their exclusion in much broader national and regional development processes;

The Delegates at the 10th Congress also reviewed and evaluated the impact of the national, regional and global work undertaken by SATUCC and its affiliates since the 9th Delegates’ Congress of 2013 on: influencing labour and development policy, championing and promoting the decent work Agenda, developing and consolidating strategic partnerships, identifying emerging (thematic) priorities for the Southern African labour movement.

The 10th Delegates’ Congress also elected the new leadership of SATUCC as follows:

President- Ms. Zingiswa Losi (COSATU)

Vice President- Mr. Cosmas Mukuka (ZaCTU)

Treasurer- Mr. Godfrey Selematsela (FEDUSA)

Executive Committee Members: Mr. Manuel Viage (UNTA-CS) and Ms. Greatel Elias (BFTU)

In her acceptance speech, President Zingiswa Losi stated that  “the responsibility is both an honour and privilege that must be taken seriously and with great humility. May I, first of all, immediately indicate that COSATU, FEDUSA and NACTU feel collectively honoured to accept this massive responsibility to work with the whole region and the new leadership collective to build and strengthen SATUCC. The future belongs to workers and those who fight for it”.

The 10th Delegates’ Congress was preceded by three activities: a Seminar on International Labour Standards which was held on the 26th of October and two conferences for the women and youth which run concurrently on the 25th of October and ushered in their respective top leaders (Interim leadership for the youth).


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