COSATU Hosts the 3rd Africa Trilateral Summit in Johannesburg and the 2016 International School


From 15-16 September, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) hosted the 3rd Africa Trilateral Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Attended by the delegates from the unions affiliated to the three federations; Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), and Trade Union Congress, Ghana (TUC); the Summit was held under the theme: Building a progressive workers movement for development alternatives for Arica: Decent work, industrialisation and Job Creation NOW.

The Summit deliberated and came up with the following outcomes:

  1. Building strong, united and progressive trade unions in each of our countries as well as supporting other African trade unions.
  2. Actively campaigning for workers rights and against multinational companies and all forms anti worker policies, practices and laws.
  3. Formulating alternative growth and development path for both Africa’s industrialization as well as re-industrialization to create jobs and fight poverty.
  4. Actively campaign against corruption, illicit financial flows and the looting of our economies and for tax justice, fair trade and inclusive development.
  5. Build a democratic developmental state that serves the needs of its people and guarantees peace, justice and security, with active involvement of workers.
  6. Fight for a comprehensive social security system for all workers, particularly the most vulnerable such as: informal economy workers, domestic workers, casual workers, migrants, disabled workers, women and youths.

The Africa Trilateral Cooperation is the historic relationship between COSATU (South Africa), NLC (Nigeria) and TUC (Ghana), amongst the foremost trade union movements on the African continent. It is a relationship born in the trenches of the struggle against apartheid, colonialism and military dictatorship at various times of the historical developments of these respective countries.

The Summit was preceded by the 2016 International School also convened by COSATU which drew delegates from all COSATU affiliates, alliance partners, representatives of various government departments, civil society organizations, various local guests, international fraternal organizations. The International School was premised on:

  • Deepening the understanding of the changing world, what it means for workers, communities and the African continent in particular
  • Advancing a clear decent work, industrialization and job creation momentum, in full cooperation with our African and global southern partners for effective development and dignity for all, using the ILO Conventions and Recommendations as our important levers, and;
  • Finally, clarifying what strategic focus and practical tasks are in that regard, by outlining a coherent and insightful programme of action to rally our forces and all progressive partners into action against the crisis affecting humanity, the environment and the quality of life for the people.

Click here for the Declaration from the International School.



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